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Editorial Notes

New lab mem­bers joining

As of Decem­ber 1, we will have two new mem­bers join­ing the Lab.

Björn Her­rmann very recent­ly received his Dr. rer. nat. from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Leipzig, after doing method­olog­i­cal­ly advanced worked on MEG and fMRI cor­re­lates of ear­ly auditory–syntactic inter­ac­tions in lan­guage comprehension. 

Dun­ja Kunke is a trained audi­ol­o­gist and will help us gear up the audi­to­ry test­ing rou­tines in our lab; also, she will be of great help when we begin work­ing with hear­ing-impaired listeners.

A warm wel­come to both of you!