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Jonas as a guest on the Lan­guage Neu­ro­science Pod­cast

Episode 4 of the Lan­guage Neu­ro­science Pod­cast. Ever won­dered about the role of neur­al oscil­la­tions & neur­al entrain­ment in speech & lan­guage? Well I have… so I invit­ed the great @jonasobleser to come talk about it. I real­ly enjoyed this … Con­tin­ue read­ing

11. March 2021 by Jonas
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Wel­come to new mem­bers Hon­gi Ngo and Markus Kem­per!

We would like to extend a warm wel­come to our new lab mem­bers: Dr. Hong-Viet (“Hon­gi”) Ngo, who is a Uni Lübeck PhD alum­nus him­self, but joins us from the Don­ders Insti­tute and who is an avid expert on sleep, … Con­tin­ue read­ing

11. November 2020 by Jonas
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We’re hir­ing (again): DFG-fund­ed 3‑year PhD posi­tion, apply by July 12 2020

New PhD oppor­tu­ni­ty: @bjoherrmann (Rot­man Research) and @ObleserLab at @UniLuebeck, Ger­many, have a @dfg_public-fund­ed 3‑year PhD posi­tion! (neur­al dynam­ics, tem­po­ral expec­ta­tion, age­ing). Apply now until July 12! Please RT widely/alert your MSc/RAs. — Jonas Obleser (@jonasobleser) June 26, … Con­tin­ue read­ing

05. July 2020 by Jonas
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New paper in eLife: Erb et al., Tem­po­ral selec­tiv­i­ty declines in the aging human audi­to­ry cor­tex

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Oble­ser­lab post­doc Julia Erb for her new paper to appear in eLife, “Tem­po­ral selec­tiv­i­ty declines in the aging human audi­to­ry cor­tex”. It’s a trope that old­er lis­ten­ers strug­gle more in com­pre­hend­ing speech (think of Pro­fes­sor Tour­nesol in the … Con­tin­ue read­ing

03. July 2020 by Jonas
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We are hir­ing! 4‑y post­doc­tor­al posi­tion

There is now an open­ing for an up-to-4-year (!) post­doc posi­tion in my lab for late summer/fall. Join us in Lübeck, Ger­many, and do cool behav­iour­al and neu­ro­science on neur­al dynam­ics, age­ing, sen­so­ry decline with us! The appli­ca­tion dead­line (as … Con­tin­ue read­ing

13. May 2020 by Jonas
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Jonas appoint­ed as Review­ing edi­tor to eLife

I am hon­oured to have been asked to join the edi­to­r­i­al board of eLife, a jour­nal I very much hon­our for their fresh approach to excel­lent sci­en­tif­ic pub­lish­ing. eLife is a pub­lish­ing ini­tia­tive by the Max Planck Soci­ety, the Well­come … Con­tin­ue read­ing

07. January 2020 by Jonas
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New paper in press in the Jour­nal of Neu­ro­science

Wöst­mann, Alavash and Obleser demon­strate that alpha oscil­la­tions in the human brain imple­ment dis­trac­tor sup­pres­sion inde­pen­dent of tar­get selec­tion. In the­o­ry, the abil­i­ty to selec­tive­ly focus on rel­e­vant objects in our envi­ron­ment bases on selec­tion of tar­gets and sup­pres­sion of … Con­tin­ue read­ing

09. November 2019 by Jonas
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New DFG project led by Mohsen Alavash on the Net­work Neu­ro­science of Spa­tial Atten­tion

Con­grat­u­la­tions to our cur­rent­ly ERC-fund­ed lab mem­ber and post­doc Mohsen Alavash who has just secured 3‑year fund­ing (~380,000 €) by the Deutsche Forschungs­ge­mein­schaft (DFG) for an ambi­tious project: Mohsen wants to get clos­er to a net­­work/­­graph-the­o­ret­i­­cal descrip­tion of how spa­tial … Con­tin­ue read­ing

21. August 2019 by Jonas
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