New paper in Neu­roIm­age by Scharinger, Henry, & Obleser

A new paper is about to appear in Neu­roim­age on

Acoustic cue selec­tion and dis­crim­i­na­tion under degra­da­tion: Dif­fer­en­tial con­tri­bu­tions of infe­rior pari­etal and pos­te­rior tem­po­ral cortex

by Math­ias Scharinger, Molly J. Henry, Jonas Obleser


We will update the post as soon as there is link.

28. November 2014 by Steven Kalinke
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Greet­ings from the East Coast Mini-sabbatical

In these last months of 2014, I am spend­ing a few weeks in New York and the East Coast. Thanks to my gen­er­ous host Peter Lakatos at the NKI and pam­pered by the mar­vel­lous Eras­mus Mundus pro­gram ini­ti­ated by Rudolf Rueb­samen and Marc Schoen­wies­ner, I am for­tu­nate to explore with Peter a com­par­a­tive view on the role of alpha oscil­la­tions in audi­tory cor­tex and in thalamo-cortical cir­cuits.
This stay essen­tially sand­wiches a pro­duc­tive visit to the Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science 2014 meet­ing in DC a few weeks ago, where our group pre­sented four posters this year.
Also, it has been a great hon­our to be awarded the Young Inves­ti­ga­tors Spot­light talk at this year’s APAN meet­ing (an annual auditory-neuroscience SfN satel­lite). Invi­ta­tions to  the labs of David Poep­pel (for the impres­sive annual BryCoCo bash); Bar­bara Shinn-Cunningham, Oded Ghitza, and Steve Col­bourn (at the Boston Hear­ing Research Cen­ter) and to the lab of Sabine Kast­ner (Prince­ton Neu­ro­science Insti­tute) have ren­dered this stay highly mem­o­rable before it is even over.

26. November 2014 by Dr. Jonas Obleser
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New paper in press: Wöst­mann, Schröger, & Obleser in J Cogn Neurosci

Con­grat­u­la­tion to PhD stu­dent Malte Wöst­mann, who – with Erich Schröger and Jonas Obleser – has a new arti­cle in press at the Jour­nal of Cog­ni­tive Neuroscience

Acoustic detail guides atten­tion allo­ca­tion in a selec­tive lis­ten­ing task

forth­com­ing. We will update you accord­ingly as the paper comes online. We will share how­ever one of Malte’s fig­ures here as a teaser: The paper utilises a very clas­sic com­po­nent of the evoked poten­tial, the con­tin­gent neg­a­tive vari­a­tion (the CNV; or a close rel­a­tive thereof, see the actual paper for dis­cus­sion) to study how older and younger lis­ten­ers allo­cate their atten­tional resources depend­ing on implicit cues on to-be-expected lis­ten­ing difficulties.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 19.37.43


  • Wöst­mann M1, Schröger E, Obleser J. Acoustic Detail Guides Atten­tion Allo­ca­tion in a Selec­tive Lis­ten­ing Task. J Cogn Neu­rosci. 2014 Nov 12:1–13. PMID: 25390200. [Open with Read]

20. October 2014 by Dr. Jonas Obleser
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New paper in press: Henry, Her­rmann, & Obleser in PNAS

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Audi­tory Cognition’s very own Molly Henry who, with Björn Her­rmann and Jonas Obleser, is about to pub­lish yet another PNAS paper:

Entrained neural oscil­la­tions in mul­ti­ple fre­quency bands co-modulate behavior

Henry MJ, Her­rmann B, & Obleser J. PNAS, in press.

We are very excited about this one, as it harks back to Molly’s 2012 PNAS paper yet ups the ante some­what: How do neural oscil­la­tions behave towards a more real­is­ti­cally com­plex mix­ture of acoustic reg­u­lar­i­ties, and how does lis­ten­ing behav­iour change as a func­tion of var­i­ous neural entrained phases?

read a short sum­mary here…

Stay tuned until after PNAS embargo has been lifted!


PNAS paper is online. Check it out here.


  • Henry MJ1, Her­rmann B2, Obleser J1. Entrained neural oscil­la­tions in mul­ti­ple fre­quency bands comod­u­late behav­ior. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Oct 14;111(41):14935–40. PMID: 25267634. [Open with Read]

11. September 2014 by Dr. Jonas Obleser
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New paper in press: Hartwigsen, Golombek, & Obleser in Cortex

In a col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Uni­ver­sity Clinic of Leipzig and Prof Dr Gesa Hartwigsen (now Uni­ver­sity of Kiel), a new paper is to appear in “Cor­tex”, in the forth­com­ing spe­cial issue on Pre­dic­tion in Speech and Lan­guage, edited by Alessan­dro Tavano and AC alum­nus Math­ias Scharinger.

Hartwigsen G, Golombek T, & Obleser J.

Repet­i­tive tran­scra­nial mag­netic stim­u­la­tion over left angu­lar gyrus mod­u­lates the pre­dictabil­ity gain in degraded speech com­pre­hen­sion”. Cor­tex (in press)

See abstract

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 21.19.17

Check it out soon!

11. September 2014 by Dr. Jonas Obleser
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